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Service Area and Delivery Logistics

Metal Fabricators has a diverse customer base that is spread across the United States. We understand that our customers have varying needs for modes of transportation, preparation for shipment and speed of delivery. Our system can accommodate most any request and make certain that your products are shipped according to your needs and specifications. Shipping costs can be provided as part of our proposal.

*We Ship to the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Nationwide Delivery

We offer nationwide shipping to your facility or job site. We utilize reliable common carriers or third party logistics companies on all product shipments. We can also load your company vehicle at our fabrication plant while your driver waits.

Packaging, Crating & Containers

Our experience in Trailer Loading ensures logical and efficient off loading at a construction site where time is critical.

Service Area
I have had the opportunity to work closely with Metal Fabricators for over 12 years regarding their transportation needs. During that time, I have gotten to know a good deal about their superior work ethics. Metal Fabricators sincerely cares about their customers and takes the time to build a relationship with all involved, they explore all options to secure the best price and service for their customers and they take the time to know and understand their customers needs.
Betsy H.
Logistic Sales Representative