Frequently Asked Questions

This page offers general answers to common questions regarding working with us. The answers provided herein cannot address every customer's unique needs. We encourage you to call us to discuss your project and learn how we can help you.

The level of information we need to quote a job depends upon the complexity of the item. This is especially true if you have tight tolerances, performance specifications or unique requirements such as powder-coating. We recommend calling us at 404-627-2428 to discuss your project.

Yes. We are not an engineering or structural design firm. Our in-house capabilities include manufacturing expertise and 3-D CAD software we use to prepare shop drawings for our internal use. If you need engineering help, calculations or sealed prints we can refer you to a suitable company.

Our metal fabrication shop has over 70 years of experience and a good range of fabrication equipment. We can produce items from small sheet metal parts to smaller structural steel packages. We can produce single components or manufacture finished products such as stairs, handrails, mezzanines and more.

Lead times vary depending on the complexity of the item, the quantity required and the lead-times for third party services or supplies. On average, a typical production cycle takes 3-4 weeks to deliver. We can expedite some orders.

Yes. We offer assistance with prototyping to help you develop cost-effective items. We offer short-run production, and large scale fabrication services.

We package all orders for shipment via customer pickup, hot-shot or common carrier transportation. For products with a paint finish we add protective wrapping to protect the finish. Please contact us to discuss any special packaging or marking requirements.

Invoicing & Payments

What are your standard payment terms?

Our payment terms vary according to the job and the credit status of the customer.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, company checks, money orders, cashiers check, debit and major credit cards.

Do I need to submit a credit application?

We generally do not require a credit application for small orders. For large orders we may require a credit application. Payment terms may vary according to credit rating, and size of order.